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this is my jerry springer moment

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16 August
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"I got a pretty little mouth underneath all the foam."
a.r. rahman, acting, alcohol, amateur film, amy sedaris, anything ugly, art, assassins, augusten burroughs, beer, betty's summer vacation, bombay dreams, booze, carrie: the musical, christopher durang, chuck palahniuk, cocktails, complaining, court tv, damien hirst, david lynch, david sedaris, dogville, drinking, eddie breen, edward albee, edward gorey, extreme theatre, fat pizza, film, fiona shaw, flop musicals, freudiana, gambling, gay, greek tragedy, gregg araki, gummo, hairspray, hedwig, hindi music, holly busch, homos, industrial symphony no. 1, jean-pierre jeunet, jerry springer: the opera, john waters, julee cruise, julian keyes, karen finley, kath & kim, kiki and herb, kurt weill, ladytron, las vegas, leigh bowery, making things, manhattan, marie christine, masturbation, match game, medea, michael alig, michael john lachiusa, minimalism, modern art, modern opera, myra breckinridge, new york city, nick cave, page six, painkillers, painting, paris hilton, parker posey, parties, party monster, performance art, photography, playwright, pop art, prescription drugs, reading, readymade, rufus wainwright, running with scissors, scissor sisters, serial killers, sex, shockheaded peter, six feet under, smack the pony, sondheim, south park, strange musical theatre, strangers with candy, tammy faye starlite, the 1.98 beauty show, the match game, the tiger lillies, theatre, travel, true crime, urinetown, ute lemper, valium, vegas, vodka, weirdo musicals, west memphis three, wicked, writing, youth in revolt

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