KORY (thekory) wrote,


Wow, it became cold so early this year.  I'm loving it...

I'm in Dallas.   At the nice and clean WESTIN Park Central.   With the air conditioner down low to keep it near 67 degrees in the room.  Wearing my old-fashioned blue pajamas.   Sitting in a comfortable chair next to the giant window.   It's dark and grey outside.  Been up since 7AM, enjoying the total silence....well, total silence with the random door slam somewhere out in the hallway.    No "HOUSEKEEPING!" calls yet- but hopefully the DO NOT DISTURB on the door will keep them away until I get out of here and wander down to CRATE&BARREL to admire the Petrie Sofa that I've enjoyed wet dreams about for the past few years.

I saw GREY GARDENS: THE MUSICAL last night at Watertower Theatre.   It was a great production- it was lovely, sad, beautiful.   I'm glad I was able to catch it-   

I woke up and found out EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL is showing downtown -  I might watch that tonight!   

well,  more later.
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