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my week:

Started the week, almost as all my week's begin:  with the idea that my life was coming to it's sudden and abrupt end. 

Usually, the week picks up and I'm my good old self again by Friday night.   This week, while not totally terrible- despite how melodramatic I just might try to make it sound, wasn't quite as terrible as some others.   Holy shit,  I'm already beginning to ramble and contradict myself.   All in a paragraph!     

This reminds me of something I said earlier today, Sunday morning:   "...and that was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life....

(reflecting and reflecting)

...oh, if only I'd kept a book of the thing I've done and then said that same damn sentence, it would be a helluva riot of a read."

Monday:    A small pain in my side, first noticed Saturday or Sunday seemed to be growing, getting worse.  I almost left work early and went to the Doctor, as I spent most of the day at work bitchin' and moanin' about the pain after deciding it was a cancerous tumor which would reveal the last three weeks of my life OR at best, just my appendix near exploding.

But I didn't leave work and go to the Doctor.  I went to Best Buy and bought a new and shiny laptop computer.   It's lovely and fast and distracted me from the pain in my side.   Because that's basically how I live-  with denial and shiny-object distraction.  

Tuesday:  Went to the Doctor.   It's just a kidney stone. 

Wednesday:  At my job,  we've got some interesting (some) artwork.   Some of it is big and obviously expensive and even signed prints or originals.    On the wall just outside of my office, (not a private office-  there are seven of us in there-  I'm not trying to sound all important or pretentious), there is a large, bright, beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe, sitting in a chair with a cocktail and laughing.   I've often stopped and looked at it,  because the colors are so bright-  it looks as tho it's hand-tinted, on a thick paper-print thingy-  the kind of technique I can't say-  but it's big and beautiful and even signed-  it just looks like an expensive thing,  and makes me just wonder how it came to be there- and all kinds of things-  even my friend and coworker Kim has remarked about this pretty thing, and how she wishes she could take it home.   So what I'm trying to get to-  it's this large and very pretty, bright art piece with Marilyn Monroe -  sitting in a chair with a cocktail.  

I'm walking from the water cooler back to my desk and that's when I notice it...

With her legs spread,  Marilyn is fully displaying one of the biggest, in-yer-face, clearly outlined camel toe.

IT IS GIGANTIC.   She's sitting there with a big smile and big as hell camel toe.  For all the world to forever see...

Now, because I just can't stop thinking about it-  I google it-  "Marilyn Monroe camel toe,"  and it turns out that I'm (naturally) not the first person to notice.  

I can't work anymore,  all I can do is think about it-   and my mind eventually takes me to the moment the picture is being taken.  Surely the photographer noticed this...or was this on purpose?    No!   It had to be just one of those things...  I began speaking in that funny voice in my head and I just wanna take over that photographer's mind and say to her, "FOR GOD'S SAKE, MARILYN!  PULL YOUR PANTS OUT OF YOUR VAGINA!"   This sentence become my catchphrase the rest of the week, for the moment it's said in my mind,  it's on repeat.  

Thursday:  I go downtown and see THE LION KING.    I'd never thought I'd see it...or planned on it, even.   I got a wild hair on Thursday afternoon at work.   Checked for tickets, found some seats in the sixth row of the orchestra (not perfect,  on the left, a little too close) and bought them...  Ended up being right on the aisle the elephant walks down!  

I liked it, especially that famous opening, but was bored/annoyed by all of the very too childish moments.   For some reason,  kids on stage (except for RUTHLESS! of course) bother the hell out of me.   I've never felt charmed by the sounds of children singing.  Just highly annoyed.  But it was fun to see.

Saturday:  Went downtown to check out the "Festival of the Arts."    Which I really think they should just fucking retitle it to:  "The Festival of Decor For Business and/or Hotel-Motel Owners Who Just Need Something On The Wall."    

It was nothing much to see, except for the people-  I saw three friends, Officer Paula (Oklahoma's Own Transexual Cop!), and one of the guys recently arrested for puttin' da moves on an undercover cop at Lake Hefner.  I'd just viewed the mug shots of the sixteen arrestees online at newsok.com, and I rarely forget a face.

Well, that was my week, basically.   Lots of just resting and laying around.   No parties, no happenings.

I did, during the week, read Wallace Shawn's play, AUNT DAN AND LEMON.    I was getting into bed and happened upon in in an anthology of "Great Plays of the 1980's."    I didn't really like it,  or find it much entertaining-  but it did make me think more about things I think about in great details lately.   But that's an entire update for the future.

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