KORY (thekory) wrote,

the email I just sent to SALLY KERN

For anyone who's not heard,  Sally Kern is the local dumbass politician who was recorded while saying some of the most idiotic shit about the supposed and famous "gay agenda," that I've EVER heard.   As I keep hearing the tape online, and keep seeing shit about this ugly, evil, little hobbit looking cow,  I decided to just send her an email.

The subject line reads, "Dear Mrs. Kern.  Thank You."

And the body of the email goes like this:

Yes, Mrs. Kern, you heard that correctly.  Thank you.

Thank you so much for making our state the FUCKING LAUGHINGSTOCK of the United States.  It had just been too long since we were made to look like a pan-handled wagon full of backwoods hillbillies. 
Listen, I'm not saying you should support the homos.  I'm not even saying that you should NOT speak out against the homos.  Preach against homosexuality loud and clear!
All that I'm asking, is that you please learn to speak correctly and research some solid facts, so that you don't embarrass all of us by sounding like Ma Kettle on the back of a junked-out pick-up truck, confidently spewing some of the most insane crackpot theories I've ever heard.
Please, however,  betray your distaste for gays long enough to hire one to do your fucking hair.  It needs it.
Kory Michael Kight
A registered Oklahoma voter, with many voting friends and a large extended Oklahoma family who also loves to vote.


Feel free to send your own email to the little troll!


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