KORY (thekory) wrote,

Saturday Night


Went to the Camelot Club on 10th Street for some "beer buckets." They aren't really buckets full of beer. It's just a special. You pay seven dollars, and you get four beers- but not even at the same time. You get the first bottle and three dirty and worn Dixie cups- which you redeem for another bottle when you're ready. Classy!

It was karaoke night. And it was wonderful entertainment, I highly recommend it. Between the enthusiastic hostess- who provides the most insightful comments during her song's instrumental breaks, to the off-key wailing of two older women named Pat and Pam. (Erika was cracking up and "taking notes, on her cell phone- the note read: "PAT AND PAM SING THE HITS!" and that about made me piss my pants.

Holly Busch joined us mid-bucket. She got her own bucket. It was buckets all around!

We tried to find songs to sing. Never did. I wasn't yet drunk enough to perform an unforgettable rendition of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going."

Holly was hungry... so we decided to head down the street to the ever classy topless bar and anything-fried restaurant- THE RED DOG for some dinner and boobietainment. Holly, for some reason, was embarrassed to be ordering food, and she strictly forbid the counter guy from screaming "HOLLY!!!" into the microphone when our snacks were ready. So we're sitting there, and what could be the voice of God screams "HOLLLYYYYYYYY!"

She about had a tantrum. Which, I think was actually just a warm up for Holly and Erika's amazing way of getting out of the 20.00 minimum bar tab. NOW- under normal conditions, 20.00 is nothing to spend. Especially when Erika AND Holly AND Kory are involved. But the Red Dog's giant pitchers of rough n tough beer weren't easy to put away. We managed to drink two. And my head is still aching. (Of course, I did drink about six beers at the Camelot Club, and then a few more later on...)

Our fun at the Red Dog was over. It was time to move on. Erika went to the Showroom for some party. I wish I'd gone, it sounds like it was a riot and a half. Dammit, I have good times with Erika!

Favorite Moments from last night:
Erika, saying, "I wanna go to Dallas! Dallas, Kory! We can rent a Buick and go to Dallas! No! We don't even NEED a Buick, we'll just go in my car!"

Me 'n Holly's reenactment of a ride at the State Fair.

Oh, why don't I have a camcorder. I need some of this shit on video before I get too much older.
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